Championship Status for Regularity in 2021.

The regularity category has long been considered the perfect stepping stone, for grassroots competitors making the transition from participating in track day events, to competing in racing events, and in 2021, there’s never been greater incentive to get involved in Regularity.

Terry Denovan’s Motor Racing Australia (MRA) Series has been home to New South Wales regularity competition for many years, but next year, Regularity takes on championship status, as competitors compete for the Charles Jardine Memorial Trophy, as part of a 5-round FOSC Regularity Championship.

The series ensures the legendary ‘FOSC’ (Festival of Sporting Cars) brand lives on, as does Charles Jardine’s legacy, after his untimely passing in 2016. Of course, since then, the FOSC brand has been somewhat phased out, as the series now forms part of the annual MRA schedule.

Not only is there financial incentive, to be a regularity competitor in 2021, there’s an awesome track day experience prize up for grabs as well.

The five round series stretches over seven days of competition, with the top and tail of the season offering competitors the unique luxury of choosing which day they compete on.
There’ll be a regularity slot on the program on BOTH days of the first and fifth round, of the FOSC Regularity Championship, with competitors only having to compete on ONE of those two days, in order to secure championship points.

Also, in an historic first for regularity competition, the third round, which marks the mid-way point of the championship, will finish under lights, when the MRA brigade hits the Brabham circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park, in early July. Of course, the installation of permanent track lighting, at the Western Sydney venue, concluded earlier this year.

As for what’s on offer: the winner of the championship will pocket $2000, and the perpetual Charles Jardine Memorial Trophy, while the second place driver will pocket $1000, and third goes home with $500.

Also, throughout the season, every competitor will receive a ticket, that will go into the draw for a seriously cool combined Motor Racing Australia & Wakefield Park Motorsport Track Day Experience.

That day will consist of no less than SIX on-track sessions… TWO in a Series X3 Excel, TWO in an APRA Pulsar, and another TWO in a Legend Cars Australia machine, with thanks to the team at Legend Cars Australia, for coming on board, to form part of that prize package.

Regular followers of the MRA Series will know that Regularity rewards consistency, but it’s up to the drivers to determine their own success.
Prior to each session, they touch base with event timing, and nominate a lap time they believe they can run to CONSISTENTLY, through the course of an on-track session, and once out there, they’re awarded points based on how much faster or slower they are, compared to the time they nominated.

The interesting thing here is… you earn less points for being slower, and more for being too fast, compared to your nominated time… and, at the end of the day, the driver with the lowest number of accumulated points is the event winner.
So, this is the one category in grassroots Motorsport, where slow and steady can definitely win the race.

The FOSC Regularity Championship is a staple of the MRA calendar, and series registration is NOW OPEN for 2021, via the FoSC Regularity website (https://regularity.com.au), with the first event of the new season now just seven weeks away.

FOSC Regularity Championship

1Wakefield ParkJanuary 30-31
2Sydney Motorsport Park (GP)Saturday, April 24
3Sydney Motorsport Park (Brabham)Saturday, July 10
4Wakefield ParkSaturday, August 14
5Wakefield ParkNovember 27-28

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