Ultimate Track day – 28th July 2019 at Wakefield Park
This ultimate track day will give you an opportunity to see Wakefield Park from a different prospective. Our morning session will see us run Wakefield Park in up to 5 different stages. To maximise track day and opportunity, we’ll be running two sessions simultaneously. The Afternoon will see us run an Open pit lane session, with free passenger ridess. All events throughout the day will be professionally timed by Eldee Timing Services.

Morning Session
Part of the circuit we will be using are;

Course 1 – Starting on the main straight, driving in reverse direction, we’ll turn left into Turn 10, Left into Turn 9, Left into the old circuit/go kart track, followed by a slight right, then a nice sweeping left turn onto the main straight to finish.

Course 2 – Starting just before Turn 3 in normal direction. The course will see you drive left into Turn 3, Right into Turn 4, Right into turn 5 and the a sharp left into the original Wakefield park hill climb, finishing at the top boundary.

Course 3 – Same as Course 1, but in normal direction.

Course 4 – In reverse direction, starting just prior to Turn 8 (fishhook), we’ll take the slight right through turn 7, left into Turn 6, then hooking onto the original hill climb section of Wakefield Park finishing at the top near the boundary.

Course 5 – Starting at the exit of Turn 2, driving in reverse direction, we’ll take a left into Turn 2, and the slight left into Turn 1 (the kink), we’ll then take a hard left into the go-kart circuit, through a sweeping right turn, following by a double left turn onto the circuit in reverse direction, left into Turn 8 (fishhook), sweeping right through Turn 7, left into Turn 6, and followed by a left into Turn 5 and then 4 where the stage will end.

Afternoon session
Our afternoon session will be a fully timed open pit lane session, ideal for testing, setup or just a good day to do plenty of laps.