All Triumph Race

The last “real” Triumph cars rolled off the production line in 1981.  From 1972 a core group of Triumph racers had started as All Triumph Sports car race at Warwick Farm. The cars started as the early side screens and gradually numbers built each year with the new Tr4s,5, and 6s, Spitfires and GT6s being added to the field. The event peaked in 1976 with the move to Amaroo park with a grid of 18 cars. 1979 saw the edition of the first sedans, the Dolomite Sprint. The fields began to shrink with production of Triumphs ceasing and by 1985 the event stopped.

In 2004 the event was relaunched on the MRA program, and the event has run each year since with the fields growing to some 25 entries each year. The breadth of models and also the wide ranging type of modifications makes for an interesting days racing, with many hardened  Triumph racers being able to compete in the same event, not possible throughout the year due to the different categories they normally fall under.

To keep the event interesting and to allow the whole field an equal chance of winning, The event features for race two a reverse grid handicap race where all cars should cross the finish line at the same time. The cars are let off in groups of 6 to 8 to spread the field.  The crowd each year will still not know with half a lap remaining in an 8 lap race which car will win. Another chance to show case Triumphs is the inclusion of them on the Regularity races on the same program. This novel event takes a different set of skills to win.

2016 saw the introduction of a second event at Winton Raceway

This years ATR events will be July 2nd at Wakefield Park raceway and the two day event at Winton Raceway on Sept 23 and 24th. More Triumphs racing today than when they actually made them some  35 years ago!

 2016 – Round 3 – Wakefield Park

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