Regularity events are designed to test the driver’s consistency in driving. The events are timed, usually 10 minutes. Each competitor nominates a time they believe can be kept. Points are deducted for variance in this time. The driver who has lost the least amount of points at the end of the event is deemed the winner.

Competitors wishing to enter a regularity event need to have a restricted (or higher) licence. For AASA sanctioned events a AASA club license is sufficient. The car does not need to be log booked, but needs to meet the requirements of the event organisers.

We say that most regularity competitors drive at 8-9 tenths.

Regularity events are also seen as a good stepping stone into racing. It gives inexperienced drivers track time and enables them to learn race craft in a non-competitive environment.

2017 – Round 1 – Wakefield Park

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2016 - Round 3 - Wakefield Park

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2016 - Round 2 - Wakefield Park

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