Clubman’s are prototype front-engined sports racing cars that originated in Britain in 1965 as a low-cost formula for open-top, front-engined roadgoing sports cars like the Lotus 7, which had been crowded out of the mainstream by rear-engined cars such as the Lotus 23.

The Clubman only race category has been introduced this year with the same philosophy in mind, low cost racing. This being a development year for the category, the series is open to any form of clubman type race car, with no controls on engine size or tyres. As & when the entry list grows this year, consideration will be given to a class structure based on lap times rather than engine size &/or tyres with competition points being awarded to each competing class. However, we don’t anticipate this happening in 2017. During 2017 the series will be run over 3 circuits, Wakefield, SMSP South & North. The evens are run over one day with Qualifying in the morning & 3 to 4 races during the course of the day

While the intention is to grow the series over the next few years the emphasis is on a series that has a low entry cost for competitors, simple rules to make it easy to bring your clubman racer along & go racing & most of all, to have a bit of fun.

For more information please call Glen Coutinho 0418 640 188


2017 – Round 1 – Wakefield Park

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