Veloce Racing Assoc (Alfa)

The Veloce Racing Association Incorporated (VRA) is a group of Alfa Romeo motor racing enthusiasts based in Australia.
The VRA is the only organisation in Australia promoting single marque Alfa Romeo open motor racing.
The objective of the Association is;

“To provide racers of eligible Alfa Romeos the opportunity to compete together in a spirit of close, but safe competition through the promotion of accessibility, affordability and fairness for all participants.”We have a diverse range of members and Alfa Romeo racing cars from the 1960s through to current models competing. The cars are limited in their modifications and all run on R series tyres with no slicks allowed.

There are basically two categories being the Classico (generally older cars running in Group S and N spec) and Nuovo (Cars from the 80s to current models generally running in Modified Production spec)

We race anywhere on the East Coast of Australia and have an annual East Coast Challenge which is held in a different state each year on a rotating basis.
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Committee Member Brad Wilson can be contacted at


2016 – Round 2 – Wakefield Park

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